Healing from Epilepsy - Elizabeth Lawson Testimony

I had epilepsy for 30 years. Neurologist repeatedly attempted to wean me off the medicine in an effort to see if I was healed. Each time they tapered me off the drug (Dilantin), which would take a month to do, within 3 days of my body being drug free I would have a grand seizure. Every time.

In April 2013 at the suggestion of a friend who asked Jesus what was needed for my healing, I began to celebrate communion using my medication every night. My friend said that one day the Spirit of God would tell me that I don't need the medicine any more, and I would be healed. For 6 months every night as I swallowed the pills I said: "Jesus, I eat your flesh and drink your Blood. That You for the cross."

In October 2013 I forgot to take my medicine on night. The next morning Holy Spirit whispered "You are done". I am free I thought. So that night I did not take pills, and it has been 9 months since I had stopped all medication, and I had NO withdrawal symptoms and NO seizures. 

To obtain a physicians documentation of my healing, I visited the neurologist who had been my doctor in the past. He said that NO neurologist wold advise a anyone to go off the drug without tapering down, because going from 3 pills to none can results in severe seizures. I told him: "By celebrating communion with my medication, I switched my dependency from medication to Christ. Of course there will be no recurrence of seizure. The body and the blood of Jesus has healed me."