Life Transformation Through the Gospel of Jesus Christ

My testimony of complete life transformation:
This testimony is about my life and about the provision that the Gospel makes for the complete transformation of life through the Blood of Jesus. Before I came to Christ my life was a complete mess, after I got born again my life did not change, except that I got out of gross sin. It felt to me like my life was still the same mess I had before I came to Christ. I did not know that the Gospel made provision for a total transformation of life so that I could be free; neither did I know how to get this. This testimony shares the road the Lord led me on that transformed my life from being a mess into something beautiful to the glory of God.  Any person can walk this same road, and their lives will be transformed and they will find freedom; because the Gospel of Jesus Christ does not change. The purpose of this testimony is to give people faith and hope for the transformation of their lives through the Blood of Jesus by sharing the detail of the road I walked to freedom, and the name of this road is Jesus (Jn 14:6 – Jesus is the way, the truth and the life).

The course: Life Transformation - Spiritual Warfare describes this journey of life transformation. Life Transformation - Spiritual Warfare