Dan Mohler (Amazing)!!

Dan is the most amazing teacher that I have listened to. He teaches on Love, The Gospel, how to transform your life, etc. He has the most amazing insights and experience in counseling far beyond other teachers I have heard. These teachings were personally life changing.

Dan will teach you how to "Walk in the Spirit" how to "Walk in Love", etc. If you implement the things he speaks about, your life will change, you will be able to face the challenges of life with a smile!

Dan operates as Neck ministries at: www.neckministries.com

Dan presented a bible school called Harvest Chapel School of Kingdom Living in 2011, which is the most amazing set of teaching I have heard. If you can listen through these +- 130 hours of teaching, your life will change:

Righteousness is a vital (life changing) concept in the Gospel, Dan teaches this like no other:

There is also a school called "PowerAndLove" which Dan, Todd White and Bob Hezlat presented. Here is a link to the downloads:

For more teachings from Dan follow this link: