"The Gospel Made Simple - God's Strategy - My Responsibility" is a discipleship program / bible study of 40 chapters that explains the most critical aspects of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The discipleship training program is designed to take 40 days to complete, and approximately 5-6 hours per day. It covers those aspects of the Gospel which are most critical for life transformation in order to help people to grow exceptionally fast in their walk with Jesus.

Ø  The focus of this course is to instruct you from God’s Word and to help you to transform your life (based on Rom 12:2); to become what God designed you to  be. Not only to teach you, but to help you to transform your life, so that you can live what you have become through Jesus – a new creation (2Cor 5:17).
Ø  The Word of God is an endless resource that we can study for a lifetime and never complete it. The focus of TGMS are those aspects in God’s Word which has the biggest impact on the transformation of lives in order to get people involved in ministry or make them more effective in ministry.
Ø  When taken seriously and acted upon, this course is guaranteed to transform your life so that you can:
-  know God’s love for you (1Jn 3:16 - By this we know love, because He laid down His life for us).
-  be free (Jn 8:36 - The Son shall set you free)
-  be strong (Eph 6:10 - Be strong in the Lord)
-  be at rest (Mt 11:28 - come to Me,.. I will give you rest)
-  love and serve others (1Jn 4:17 - As God is, so are we in this world)
-  be a discipler (Mt 28:19-20 - Make disciples and teach them)

The Gospel Made Simple booklet can be downloaded by selecting the link below (there is currently a major upgrade to course, we hope it will be done by early 2015):


Below is the theoretical part of the discipleship program:
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